The Y-shape Hull will protect your cargo by preventing hull penetration.

No spills.

Strong & Green



The Y-shape Hull protects your fuel tanks by absorbing more energy

and distributing it upon impact. Bruce Lee would have been proud.




Keep your record clean by decreasing your risks of spills during offshore cargo operations.


Y-shape Hull

The Y-shape Hull is a structure that can be used to build anything that has the potential to sustain a hit. It's the new way of building structures that rely on an optimal impact resistance. 

Built for optimized impact resistance. Your people, your cargo, your planet are in good, safe hands.

Your responsible ship

Keep your nautical record clean and green by reducing the risks of leakage or cargo spills in the event of a collision or grounding.


Your new vessel built with the Y-shape Hull will be as safe as can be. The Y-shape Hull absorbs more energy upon impact, and prevents the rupture of your cargo tank. In the event of a collision, your ship will maintain stability. The probability of hull rupture is much lower than with a conventional hull.

The perfect combination

Be part of this new sustainable solution. By using the Y-shape Hull and having the possibility of sailing with LNG, you have the opportunity to lower your ship's CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions, and bring your particulate matter emission down to none.

No building complications

The simplicity of the Y-shape Hull structure makes it easy for you to build. It allows a good measure of production automation. Build a new vessel with the Y-shape Hull or use your standard structural steel.

Safer offshore and bunkering operations

Decrease your chances of oil spills, and keep your record clean. In ports and coastal areas with high maritime traffic, you and your tanker can enjoy optimal protection with the Y-shape Hull.

Sail away with LNG

Protect your LNG-fuelled ship with the Y-shape Hull and significantly decrease the risk of damage to your cryogenic tanks upon collision.

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MTS Noordkaap - The 35th Y-shape hull
Latest News

MTS Noordkaap - The 35th Y-shape hull

On June 12, the 35th Y-shaped hull has been christened, MTS Noordkaap.

On this day the guests were welcome to visit the ship. After the christening the guest were treated to a diner folloed by a party that lasted to the wee hours.

Y-shape hull wishes the MTS Noordkaap and it's crew a safe journey.
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