About us 

Many people have been involved in the development and implementation of the Y-shape Hull. Durable and trustworthy names likes DAMEN, Rensen-Driessen, Chemgas, TNO, among many others. Our company, Deen Shipping, was the first to implement the Y-shape Hull in an inland tanker, and we're very proud of it. We'd like to share with you a little of what's going on in our minds.


Mission & Vision

Deen Shipping strives to be innovative, distinctive and socially responsible. We have translated our mission statement into what we believe is essential to fulfilling these goals.



Deen Shipping Holding goes for the highest standards in operations safety for crew, cargo and ship. Preventing accidents is always a priority so we work with qualified staff and material that is up to date.



A quality system has been implemented throughout the entire company so our customers can rely on a consistent high level of service.



We want to limit our impact on the environment. For one thing, no spills. We take a proactive approach towards environmental matters with innovative concepts.



We respond quickly to customer needs.



Our policy is to develop new concepts and methods that contribute to the safety of people and the aquatic environment, while making it commercially attractive for our clients. 


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