HSSE values

Health, Safety, Security, Environment


We want what's best for our people and the environment. We strive to make our workplace safe and secure for everyone because we cherish people's health. We have safety and rescue equipment whose use is mandatory aboard our ships. Among other things, the equipment can prevent people from inhaling hazardous substances. We have several inspections throughout the year that provide the necessary health checkups. All health and safety protocols are recorded in our quality manual.

We love and respect the environment and want to do something about it now. The "carbon footprint" we leave behind is not just ours. It's the consequence future generations will have to deal with. Deen Shipping is working hard towards environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurship by being part of the solution to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by the production and transportation of goods. 

We are engaged in creating as little pollution as technically possible while developing innovative and sustainable solutions for sea going traffic. The Y-shape Hull is one of those solutions we hope will set the safety norm for the future of navigation.

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