The Y-shape Hull is currently in use on more than 35 inland vessels. It can already boast over 12 years of proven success in the inland tanker industry. With hefty knowledge, and experience from DAMEN, Rensen-Driessen Shipbuilding and Deen Shipping supporting the Y-shape Hull, it's going places.



Deen Shipping

The family behind the Y-Shape Hull & Deen Shipping. Is a tight family of four, running an office of 25 employees. 

Mom Monique and Dad Gerard started the company in 1980. Dad was then the captain, at the office and on board. In 2007, son Glenn took over the helm and became skipper. Once in a while, dad and son still work together on board, but mom Monique, also a captain, occasionally chips in on the workload too. Daughter Joyce has recently left the ground for the sea, and is now sailing with her partner. Friend Ed, business developer, might as well be part of the family. He's involved in just about everything. 

Deen's first ship with the Y-shape Hull, the MTS Apollo, was delivered in 2007 and was nominated for ship of the year. In 2011, in collaboration with ship construction company Trico, the MTS Argonon was commissioned. The environmentally friendly barge is now the pride of the fleet. It sails on 80% LNG and 20% diesel. The first barge in Europe that sails on dual fuel.

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Damen Shipyards
Damen Shipyards Group operates 40 ship and repair yards worldwide, employing 8,000 people. In the years since it began Damen has delivered more than 5,000 vessels in more than 100 countries and today delivers approximately 180 vessels annually to customers around the world. Its unique, standardised ship design programme enables Damen to guarantee consistent quality.

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Rensen-Driessen Shipbuilding & Shipbrokers
Rensen-Driessen Shipbuilding BV is an ambitious and enterprising shipbuilder which can take quick decisions and is keen to take new initiatives. Typical keywords for its company culture are guts, business instinct, dedication and common sense. These characteristics are clearly visible from the inland and seagoing vessels it has delivered.  Our Shipbrokers portfolio comprises dry-load vessels, tankers, passenger ships and seagoing vessels. Our experience and expertise allow us to give professional assistance and to advise on the right vessel with the right financing.

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